What we do.

We help companies and individuals identify, develop, protect, commercialise and manage their intellectual property rights in Singapore and throughout the world.
Whether you are a start up, small or medium sized company or a global multi-national corporation, we help you to first identify the appropriate types of intellectual property rights that can be applied to your invention. This may be in the form of a patent, registered design, trade secret, or trademark or combinations thereof.


We handle all patent matters from conducting novelty searches, preparing a patent application to obtaining a grant for your invention. <br>READ MORE<br>


We help you protect the aesthetic shape and non-functional features of your invention or product. <br>READ MORE<br>


Protect your brand. We help you to obtain a registered trademark to protect it. <br>READ MORE<br>

IP Strategy

We will help you enhance the value of your IP portfolio and help to drive valuable cost savings from it. <br>READ MORE<br>

On-Demand IP Counsel

We're here for you every step of your journey and we provide access to regular advice, reporting and guidance on IP strategy. <br>READ MORE<br>

Why us?

act local, think global

We help you convert your ideas and inventions into strong defensible patents and designs. As we have deep knowledge and expertise of patent law in  Singapore and other major jurisdictions such as the United States, Europe and China, we draft patent applications that will comply with the patent offices of these countries. We also assist you to obtain intellectual property rights in other countries through our strong and reliable network of international associates. 

think different

We will work closely with you to understand your business strategies and competitive advantages to provide practical, strategic, and cost-effective advice that will help you achieve your IP goals. We work with startups, small and medium-sized companies and multi-national corporations to navigate the dynamic and challenging global patent landscape. 

create & extract value

We help you leverage on your IP assets by providing actionable intelligence. We do this by helping you develop innovation management and portfolio management strategies that will in turn optimise value from your intellectual property assets.

fixed fees first

Your legal bills shouldn't be a surprise. The billable hour is opaque. And it makes you wonder if your attorney is looking out for your best interest. We  use transparent and fixed fees because we believe this creates a better working relationship for both us. Pretty simple, right? 

"Men are just beginning to propose questions and find answers, and we may be sure that no matter what question we ask, so long as it is not against the laws of nature, a solution can be found. "
- Thomas Edison

Who we are.

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