A registered design protects the shape, configuration, pattern or ornament on a product. It is purely the visual and aesthetic appearance of the product.
It can protect two dimensional features or three-dimensional features and does not include the functional features of the article or product.
A design can be protected through registration and a registered design gives the owner the right to control use of the design. A design should be registered if the visual appearance of your product is distinctive and important to your business. To obtain a registered design, the design needs to be new and industrially applied onto an article. It is therefore critical to keep the design confidential and not to disclose the design to any third party before you file the design application. The term of protection for a registered design is 15 years in most countries. 
Once a design application is filed, the application will be examined by the Patent Office for formalities. If there are no formalities objection, the design application will proceed to grant.   


We will help you to identify whether a registered design or patent protection is appropriate for your product. In some cases, in addition to registered design protection, you should also consider if the functional aspects of a product should be protected by a patent. 
We can help you prepare the required drawings that will be acceptable to various patent offices around the world and help you obtain the optimum scope of protection for your design.  
We provide the following registered design services:
  • Preparing drawings for with respective patent office
  • Filing the design with respective Patent Office
  • Securing the registered design 
  • Renewal of design registration
"Design can be art.
Design can be aesthetics.
Design is so simple, that's why it is so complicated "

- Paul Rand

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