An IP Strategy is a collective set of decisions and activities a company makes regarding the actions, the positioning, and the capabilities it seeks to achieve with its intellectual property in order to support its long-term business objectives.
In essence, an IP strategy is a plan - consistent with the company's business goals - to acquire IP assets and to leverage optimal value from its existing IP assets.
It allows you to understand, manage, and capitalise on IP in your company, ensuring a sustained competitive advantage for your business.
A clear IP strategy provides a framework to work with when you are deciding what IP to obtain and where you should be spending your money. Having a clear IP strategy allows you to develop policies and processes that are in line with the long term business objectives of the company. 
  • Companies with IP assets but with no formalised IP strategy on how to extract value from its IP assets
  • Companies with formal or informal IP strategies but policies and processes are inconsistently executed with its business strategy
  • Companies that need to fine tune their IP strategies to be in line with the business strategy
  • Companies that need help to develop prorams, policies and procedures in order to execute their IP strategies.  
If you already have an IP strategy instituted within the company, an important question to be considered is: Is your IP strategy optimal in a way that its execution is extracting optimal value from the company's IP assets?
IP strategies are as unique and varied as the companies that develop and implement them. We will work closely with you to understand your business strategy and to develop a formal written IP strategy that is aligned with your business strategy.
We will also help you to develop and implement programs, policies, and procedures for your company that will aid you in leveraging value from your IP assets. 

Here are some examples of how we help our clients:

  • build capabilities needed to create or obtain IP assets in line with business strategy
  • create internal processes for obtaining the appropriate IP assets
  • build capabilities needed to administer IP portfolios, whether handled internally or externally 
  • build capabilities needed to manage the business use of the company's IP assets
  • Develop IP reporting metrics for management and executives to gauge progress


Rather than providing access to on-demand IP advice, the IP strategy service is an ad-hoc service that is both complementary and supplementary to your ongoing IP functions. 

The IP strategy service is a project-based service that will seek to address pain points in your IP strategy development and implementation process. 

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"IP is like potential energy, the output depends on the force applied. make your IP work for you."

- aoife butler

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