On-Demand IP Counsel

The on-demand IP Counsel service is designed to allow you access to advice, reporting and guidance on IP strategy. We will also help you develop IP management systems and capabilities  for capturing and extracting value from current and future IP assets. 
We understand that your company is unique and this service can be tailored to your requirements to meet your goals and objectives. 
As development and implementation of IP management systems is a medium to long term initiative, this service is paid on a monthly basis with a minimum commitment of at least 6 months. 
If you are reading this page, you understand the importance of IP, the ideating and obtaining of IP assets and how it benefits the company.
There is, however, too much emphasis placed on the invention process - from proof of concept to launch - and too little emphasis on the innovation process - the process which generates sustained long term revenue and competitive advantages for the company. 
This leads to IP assets being poorly managed, and IP assets being treated as legal assets and not business assets. 
"The real value in IP assets lies not only in the inspiration that gives it life, but also in the perspiration that fully develops and captures its value."

Suzanne S. Harrison

  • start ups or companies in a growth phase
  • does not need or does not have the budget to hire a full time IP counsel 
  • need to train employee on how to manage its IP or patents internally
  • need help with setting up an innovation management system and/or portfolio management system
  • on call advice on IP strategy or general IP advice
  • budgeting certainty and lower hourly fee
  • Good understanding of your registered IP assets, their inter-relationships and how they can be managed strategically for growth
  • harvests your innovation within the company
  • maintain a sustained competitive advantage over competitors
  • Focused innovation initiatives across the company that are aligned with business strategy
  • Improved IP education and awareness amongst employees
  • promote collaborative engagement among employees to develop higher quality patents
  • Cost effective management of IP budgeting and spending


The IP management system framework follows the evolution and development of IP assets from inventions to commercialisation and value capture. It is essentially a cradle to grave approach to managing IP assets, and comprises three aspects: Innovation Management, Portfolio Management and Value Capture.
Innovations, inventions and ideas are captured and protected through patents, trade secrets, trademarks, copyright or even publications. A good innovation management system will help you to harvest all innovations within the company and prevent losing competitive advantage.
How innovation management will benefit you:
  • enable employees to easily submit ideas to grow the promising innovations
  • harvest innovation from all areas of the organization, not just from R&D department
  • align innovation initiatives to business strategy or long term key product lines
  • consolidate and identify IP assets by considering alternative forms of IP protection for non-patented inventions
  • measure progress, setting innovation targets for the technology areas of greatest importance
  • improve quality of patents in the medium to long term


Portfolio management becomes an important function in the IP strategy of the company as innovations, disclosures, patents, trade secrets, and other assets are added to the IP portfolio over time.

IP portfolios become more valuable as they grow but also becomes more complex and expensive to maintain. Companies can spend a lot of money maintaining patents they do not use or they underestimate the defensive value of their patents and fail to protect the market.

How a good portfolio management system will benefit you 

  • provide better understanding of the inventory of IP assets
  • match IP assets with company's business strategy and product or market mix 
  • identify gaps in the portfolio, for example, whether it has enough IP in key technology areas
  • help you effectively manage and control costs through cost reduction strategies
  • mitigate risk from infringement of third party IP


This process is a natural step following the preceding step of determining relevance of the IP assets. The following lists some of the most common ways that companies capture value from their IP assets: 

  • Productize the patent : Use the patent to protect new features
  • Monetize the patent : Obtain revenue directly from the use of the patent in a license or other value-generating use
  • Litigate the patent : Use the patent defensively as a deterrent to companies seeking to litigate or use the patent offensively in litigation
  • Positioning : Use the patent for competitive blocking to create barriers to entry


We will work with you closely to understand your business and help you identify your business' critical IP and intellectual assets. Depending on the nature of your business and your requirements, we will help you develop a robust innovation management system and portfolio management system in stages. Using a proprietary 9 step methodology, we can help you implement an innovation management system and a portfolio management system that will create and extract value from your IP assets.  

This service does not include the following:

  • prior art/novelty/trademark searches
  • patent drafting, filing and prosecution  
  • registered design filing and prosecution
  • trademark filing and prosecution
  • drafting or reviewing of agreements
  • infringement opinions, freedom to operate or clearance searches    


"I believe that we all have the potential to solve problems and express ourselves creatively. what stands in our way are hidden barriers - the misconceptions and assumptions that impede us without our knowing it."

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